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VALUE 21.99.1563 :: UTP Patch кабел, Cat. 6, зелен цвят, 5.0 м

VALUE 21.99.1563 :: UTP Patch кабел, Cat. 6, зелен цвят, 5.0 м


  • Код: 21.99.1563
  • Производител: ROLINE
  • Тегло(бруто): 0.500 кг
Цена с ДДС: 5.22 лв.
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  • Prepared unshielded Twisted Pair cable with RJ45 connectors on both sides
  • Used as patch cable in wiring cabinet or as direct connection cable between devices
  • Flexible cable suitable for narrow bending (suitable from 3cm)
  • Contact settings 1:1, according to EIA / TIA 568, 8 wires
  • Construction: 8 wires copper wire
  • Импеданс: 100 Ohm
  • Цвят: зелен
  • For a structured Cat.6 UTP Cabling we recommend to use the following components:The following products combination has been tested and certified in our test lab in a Class E Channel of 100 meters:21.15.0989 ROLINE UTP Cable, Cat.6, solid wire, AWG2425.16.8494 ROLINE Flush Mounting Boxes, Cat.6, unshielded26.11.0355 ROLINE 19" Patch Panel, Cat.6, 24 Port, unshielded21.99.0905 VALUE UTP Patch Cable prep. Cat.6
  • Цвят (кабел): green
  • Цвят (Spout): green 
  • Тип на проводниците: Wire
  • RJ45 конектор: Standard
  • Удобство за пренасяне: No
  • Halogen free кабел: No
  • Импеданс: 100 Ohm
  • Дължина: 5 m
  • Продуктова група: Twisted Pair Cable
  • Брой проводници: 8
  • Тип на екранировката: UTP
  • Качество на трансфера: Cat. 6 / Class E
  • Усукан: No
*Производител*: ROLINE
*Категория*: Cat. 6
*Екранировка*: UTP
*Цвят на продукта*: Зелен
*Дължина на кабела*: 3.1 - 5.0 м

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